February 9, 2023

“Egalite means equality, it refers to the French Revolution! Which is in theme of her Sire’s name, Constitution. I decided to call her by her registered name simply because nothing else fit her. To this day, everyone trips up on the name.

I first came across Egalite on Facebook and knew she was my horse when I saw her sweet, kind face. Her first ride was in a halter going through pool noodles. She’s been easy to retrain. She does get spunky and has some quirks, but she gives her all in the arena.

Egalite came to me not knowing what treats were. She is now a Cookie Monster, loving Purina Nicker Makers the most! I’ve also discovered she prefers a hackamore much more than a bit. She’s super quick on her feet and naturally loves to turn and burn! She has a quick walk, making trail riding rough, but she’ll go to anything you point her towards. She’s so much fun to ride and very loving.

My advice for future Makeover competitors is to just take your time. Don’t rush the process, give your horse a good foundation before starting in a direction. There will always be issues that pop up at some point in time, so be correct and slow going into Kentucky. You’ll have plenty of time to season afterwards.

Also, check your stalls! I learned the hard way, but it was a blessing to me. My mare got caught on something and tore her lip where the bit would sit. We ended up running in a hackamore and she smoked her run.

Go into the competition with your big goals silent. Have small goals as your main goal and soak up this experience! Go tour some farms, check out the racetrack. Ease your mind and have fun in between competing”.