Hoboken Jack

September 7, 2023

“Hoboken Jack is a 14.3 hand "hony" that has the presence and ego of an 18 hand horse. Although only 4 years old, Hobo has already been successfully competing at USDF shows and recognized events at the Beginner Novice level.

One interesting fact about Hobo is that he actually won a 50k race at Belmont as a 2-year-old (hence the aforementioned ego!)

Hobo regularly wins on the flat, with consistent scores in the mid-70's at Dressage shows this past Summer. Over fences, he is brave and enthusiastic - he has no idea he's little!

He is the barn favorite, with the funniest, most cheeky personality. He chews on his tongue when he's seeking attention, and holds up his front foot to beg for his meals!

I am so excited to show Hobo off at the Makeover in the Dressage and Eventing disciplines. I have been chronicling Hobo's road to the Makeover via his own YouTube show, which can be found on my YouTube channel, @TallTaleEquestrian. Follow along for all the pony action!”