Hot Gurl Summer

April 20, 2023

“I saw Hot Gurl Summer’s picture on Changing Saddles - Off Track Thoroughbreds page during a 14 hour road trip and before we even made it back home, she was mine. She was in Cincinnati and would be coming down to Virginia. Being an avid Jimmy Buffett fan, I had to call her Fin (listen to the first line).

It had been many years since I had a mare, and I was worried about how we would get along. It’s safe to say now, we’re thick as thieves. Fin has taken to everything new I’ve presented her with like she’s been doing it for years. My advice to future Makeover competitors is to get your horse out and about as much as possible!

Fin is my third personal OTTB restart, but I had never competed in the Makeover before. We did Dressage, and our long term goal is to continue down that path.

Fin loves any and all treats and has learned to “smile” for them! Her goofy personality and great brain make her so much fun to work with. She is the horse of a lifetime for me and I’m so excited to see what other adventures we will find together”.

Photo Credit: Stacy Beamer