Kee She

April 14, 2022

“Kee was purchased via the OTTB Exchange Facebook site straight from the track in October 2021. She didn't race until she was 4 years old due to her breeder unfortunately passing away. She raced in Indiana, Ohio, and West Virginia. She won one race.

The day after her race trainer dropped her off, I was in a car accident and broke my arm so she got to enjoy more than 3 months of let down. We started light training in February 2022. She's a very sweet, curious mare overall, though she gets anxious when alone in the barn, so we are focusing on relaxation, connection, and building a shared language as we begin our journey.

She didn't know anything about treats when I got her so she's slowly learning the perks of being in a pleasure/sport horse barn! Our best moment so far was when she was napping in her pasture and she let me sit on her as she rested. We're looking forward to more moments like this and all the fun that will come with training for the competition”.