Merry Merry Mojo

July 21, 2022

“Mojo was purchased directly off of Charles Town Race Track from his owner/trainer and brought to Kentucky in November 2021. As part of a sponsorship with my workplace, the Kentucky Equine Adoption Center, Mojo was given a spot to stay at the Center and will represent the KYEAC at the Makeover. Mojo is extremely smart and oftentimes quite stubborn which has made his training frustrating at times but also makes it very rewarding when things finally click into place.

So far his retraining journey has been focused on the basics and getting his trailer miles to various shows around Kentucky. He has improved at every show we have gone to and recently went to his first major recognized Dressage show at the Kentucky Horse Park in July with my other 2022 RRP horse, Marie Joelle. He settled in great with the busier atmosphere and ended up winning his Training Level 1 class. He had just come back from an injury so I was extremely thrilled with his efforts!

We are planning to go to a few more shows leading up to the Makeover, with another major Dressage show in September, and will most likely bump him up to First Level. I’ve always found the smart, stubborn Thoroughbreds to be some of the most rewarding and athletic horses and Mojo is certainly living up to that. My trainer and I both think he should easily be able to progress up to Third Level and from there - who knows! The future is bright for Mojo and I’m just thrilled to be on this journey with him!”