Mom Said Yes

June 9, 2022

“I never in a million years would’ve ever put myself as a 3 horse type of girl, but here we are. My lovely chestnut — who is wonderful in every way — doesn’t seem to be headed toward upper level Dressage (which is fine, he can be whatever else he wants to be) so I started toying with the idea of finding myself a true upper level project to bring up behind my 2019 Makeover horse.

Makeover friends really are the best of friends. This isn’t just a hashtag. I’ve followed Brit Vegas forever. I’ve always admired her courage, her commitment, and her ability. She seems to always understand horse and rider capability and compatibility. So when she posted a LOVELY chestnut that just screamed everything I was looking for, I had to inquire. Unfortunately, he was already spoken for, but Brit was determined to find me the perfect dance partner.

I told her it *had* to meet all of the following criteria:

1. The BEST brain.

2. A 10 walk and a 10 canter.

3. Gelding.

4. The BEST brain.

Luckily, she knows my riding style, my strengths and my limitations. None of her current sales horses fit the bill, but she knew she could find something. And then a spark that ignited into a flame.

What about her personal horse, Mom Said Yes? He checked every single box. But he wasn’t for sale. Brit made the unimaginably kind decision to sell him to me because she knew he was exactly what I was looking for and that I would spoil him rotten.

I’d followed this horse since his race connection (and all around amazing horsewoman) Jade Favre had posted about him as her favorite racehorse.

He and I together is pure magic! He’s the best parts of all of my favorite horses! I’d love to say I’m “training him” but truth be told, you just have to show him the way to do something, and he does it. Every time. Happily. You can tell this horse has been cherished his entire life, and will continue to be so forever.

I’m looking forward to our future in the sandbox together. I have high hopes for upper level Para Dressage and I think Charlie is exactly the partner to take me there.

Fun fact — with a Jockey Club name of ‘Mom Said Yes’ it’s only fair his barn name is after the greatest man that ever lived, my father, Charlie”.