Nothin Really

January 19, 2023

“It took like 2 months to decide on Yoda’s barn name! I’m not sure why he was tricky to get to know, but once you form a relationship with him, I do know it’s unbreakable. He is one of the most connected horses I’ve ever worked with.

Yoda came through Beyond the Wire and MidAtlantic Horse Rescue. Bev Strauss said we needed him and that she felt he had upper level potential. We listen to Bev. But he was a sweet, sweet weirdo. He rode like a recently backed horse though he raced plenty (nothing naughty, just very green). We decided to do as much on the ground as possible, with the goal of him being ready to canter around a small course by the time of his first under saddle ride. And that is pretty much what happened!

I sat on him for the first time on August 31, 2022 (but again, with extensive groundwork so he was mentally and physically capable). September 14, 2022 he traveled to Fair Hill, MD to the The Real Rider Cup, which was an electric first horse show he couldn’t have been better at.

Less than a month after that, he placed 3rd in the preliminary round of the Thoroughbred Makeover in Show Jumping, 4th in the finale. He was astounding in every way!

Yoda has a phenomenal brain and is actively for sale (because we, Pacific Farms Incorporated, are a business), but we will happily wait for the correct situation for his athleticism and potential. If he remains with us, he will begin competing in Eventing next year. He is a lovely mover and incredibly brave and careful to fences and out on XC. He is silly and smart and definitely a horse to watch.”