Richie Goes Global

December 29, 2022

“I helped list Archie for his race trainer with the nonprofit group I volunteer for, Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds, Inc. I already had 3 horses, so I definitely did NOT need another, but I had to be talked out of texting his race connections three times that first day I met him. I figured being the horse that checks ALL the boxes, he’d get scooped up quick. I recommended him to every shopper that contacted our group. After all, he’s what most are looking for: tall, dark, handsome, kind, ammy friendly, and a barn favorite.

Fast forward to the end of season. My dear friend Jenn was looking for her next Makeover mount and I knew he was exactly what she was looking for. So I took her, along with Elizabeth Love, my teammate, and another of my closest friends to see him. The moment he came out, my friends all exclaimed, “he is such a Sarah horse”! Needless to say, with the support of several of my closest friends, I pulled the trigger.

Archie has, not surprisingly, been everything his racing connections said he would be. He is kind, smart, level headed, and an extremely nice mover. Elizabeth and I are excited to take him as a team and hope to compete in Dressage and Freestyle. We had already planned a Freestyle for last year that we did not get to use, so we are excited that Archie gets to show it off!

This will be my fifth Makeover and Elizabeth’s first. The best advice I can offer is truly to stay in your own lane. Every horse has its own journey and that journey doesn’t have a time frame. Just enjoy the process and let come what may! I’m so excited to be a part of one more Makeover with yet another incredible horse and to be teaming with one of my closest friends!”