April 7, 2022

“We found Foxy when we were down in Florida at the OBS - Ocala Breeders' Sales. Initially, we were in Florida looking at other Retired Racehorse Project TB Makeover prospects to be my partner. We called retired jockey Jackie Acksel of OTTB Foundation and she said she didn’t have anything currently not restarted; however, she had one she thought was worth our time, a grey. She was still in training to race!

I have a soft spot for greys and my mom knew this, so she said we could go see it. We had looked at about 6 or 7 horses before meeting Jackie and I had already picked my favorite, but when we got there and saw Foxy, I just knew she was the one. I knew of course that we could saddle her up and she could be completely different from the mellow sweet mare she was in her stall.

We decided we wanted to see Foxy move under saddle, as she had not been ridden for a while at that time. We took her to a field, saddled her up, Jackie hopped on and she was perfect. Beautiful mover even though she was still a racehorse. I was nervous but Mom said if I got on, went around, and felt good this could be it. That gave me the confidence to get on this huge beautiful horse.

I jumped on and it was perfect. She was so sweet and took everything in stride despite never seeing this ring before in her life. It was then and there that we decided it was a perfect match!”