She’s a Bold One

December 22, 2022

“Bailey and I participated in the 2022 Thoroughbred Makeover competition hosted by the Retired Racehorse Project. We competed in Eventing and Dressage. We won Eventing and placed 2nd in Dressage in the Finale, as well as won overall Champion.

Bailey is a bold mare but she also does have her “chestnut mare” moments. My 2023 goal is to compete at the Novice level and qualify plus compete at the American Eventing Championships. My all-time goal is to compete in the upper levels of Eventing and eventually upper level Dressage with Bailey.

As a rider who lacks self-confidence, my words of wisdom to future competitors is to not doubt yourself, your horse, or your horse's training. The process isn’t easy but hard-work does pay off”.