Timber Jenny

August 11, 2022

“Timber Jenny only raced three times and never won. She'd be one of the first out of the gate, but gradually fell behind. While my long term goal with her is to Event, I'm currently just trying to give her a strong Dressage foundation. However, we've been doing a whole lot of groundwork since I got her last June, and she's showing a knack for liberty work and obstacles. One of my other professions is circus/sideshow, so maybe that will be in our future!

We've had a few setbacks in training here and there due to thrown shoes, abscesses, and are currently in some hoof rehab with an equine podiatrist to see if we can improve her hoof angles and general health of her hooves. Hopefully we'll get the okay to get back in gear and hit some schooling shows soon.

I got her straight from the track at Emerald Downs through the Facebook group Retiring Racehorses - Pacific NW. She's super food motivated and loves apples. She has learned quite a few tricks so far. Her favorite is to give kisses, but she also helps me read Tarot to our friends”.