Chase's Story

December 3, 2021

”Barn Name = Chase, Jockey Club Name = Sir Whinesalot (very fitting because he squeals when annoyed).

Chase is 22 (turns 23 in February) and he lives in Pembroke, MA. He had 65 starts, raced until he was 7, had a bunch of chips taken out of his knees, then was retrained as a hunter. Did that for a few years then basically retired until he was 16, which is when I got him.

Since I've had him, Chase has done a lot of hunter paces and trail rides, fox hunted, shown in the hunters and jumpers, started team sorting and penning 2 years ago, started showing in dressage this year, and last winter we did a mounted shooting clinic just to say I did it.

I love OTTBs, people need to know they can do anything and everything!”

With H.O.P.E.

~Kate C. (Massachusetts)