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The Leadline Podcast, Episode 43

October 4, 2022

"Age does not matter in entrepreneurship – only commitment". In this episode, Diana shares with Leadline Podcast host, Mandee Flanders, what it's like to start a business at such a young age, and obstacles encountered along the way in order to get her business off the ground.

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Guest Blog

3 Money Saving Hacks for Horse Owners

January 22, 2023

There's no arguing horses are expensive, but these tips can help you save some money in the long run.

From Racehorse to Companion Pony

June 30, 2022

"Sometimes, horses are not destined for the career path that we as owners want them to have".

Fostering Authentic Connections with Horses through Equine-Facilitated Learning

February 23, 2022

"By introducing Equine-Facilitated Learning into traditional riding programs, students can create a deeper relationship with their school horse, lease horse, or personal horse from the ground up".

How Self-Conscious Riders Can Feel More Confident Riding in a Crowded Ring

January 6, 2022

"If you, like me, dread riding with others in a crowded ring, check out these helpful tips".  

Age is Just a Number

December 9, 2021

"While most owners typically learn that their horse is older after purchase, we were now facing the opposite scenario. To me, this felt like another crushing setback in our seemingly never-ending rehab journey".


Westwood Living August 2022 Cover Feature

August 2022

"Twenty-year-old Diana Bezdedeanu is dedicating her life to helping others who seek alternative ways to learn. Diana is using Equine Facilitated Learning to reach people in a unique way. Her ability to embrace adaptation and pass on what she has learned sets her apart as one of Westwood's most unique and impactful people".

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