Happy New Year!

January 1, 2022

Last night, I shared my 2022 promise to my horse. In return, I received numerous messages from others who also made a 2022 promise to their horses. Below is just a sampling of the many wonderful responses…

“I promise to be more present when in the presence of my horse”.

“I promise we’ll go out on a proper trail ride — time for some fun!”

“I promise to all three of my beauties: to listen, to treat them with respect, love and kindness, and to take more riding lessons so I can be the best rider possible for them”.

“I promise to spend more time with, to provide for, and to keep my horse safe”.

“I promise to have even more fun in 2022! I bought my mare as my Eventing prospect but she’s so chill that we’re changing things up and training in Western Dressage and Working Equitation since we can compete in those in her preferred bosal”.

“I promise to make sure that I always keep my horse’s happiness a priority and to evolve my training methods for the best”.

“I promise to get back into riding by finding a barn that is affordable and has an arena”.

“I promise to love my horses unconditionally”.

“I promise no more kill pens to my 2 rescue mares who humans have been horrific to in the past, only retirement! And to my gelding, no more going from owner to owner!”

Thank you all for sharing! I wish you and your horses the best of luck in your individual journeys.

With H.O.P.E.

Diana Bezdedeanu