Take That Vacation

August 5, 2022

Today concludes our week-long family vacation. A vacation that feels like it flew by way too fast, as all good things do.

During this designated time off, I did not worry about the care of our horses. Yes, you read that correctly. Me, the chronic overthinker, did not stop to second guess that our mares were being fed, turned out, put back in their stalls, or hosed off to cool down from this excessive heat.

For the first time since I became a horse owner a little over a year ago, I did not feel guilty about not visiting the barn for a week. In fact, our mares got a vacation of their own while we were away. They earned this designated time off just as much as we did.

While consistency is the key to success when it comes to training horses, it is perfectly healthy to give our equine partners a break every once in a while to rest and recharge both physically and mentally. (Same goes for their human owners too!)

With H.O.P.E.

Diana Bezdedeanu