Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

November 25, 2021

The horse ownership journey is similar to being part of a sports team.

There’s the main trainer, or head coach, in charge of designing daily workouts and keeping goals in check.

There’s the vet, or athletic trainer, in charge of managing any medical emergencies and keeping all medical records up to date.

There’s the farrier, or equipment personnel, in charge of maintaining proper hoof care to ensure workouts can be performed.

There’s the supporters, or spectators, various friends and family who are invested in every single aspect of the journey.

And finally, there’s the owner, or main investor, who dedicates 150% of their energy into growing a partnership with a special four-legged friend.

In short, the horse ownership journey is one that can not be done alone. It quite literally takes a village. Over the past few months, we’ve suffered some pretty big losses, which led to even bigger wins.

This Thanksgiving, Horses Offering People Education is thankful for all of those on our journey. From our trainer to our vet, to our farrier to our barn family, to our weekly blog readers, THANK YOU!!

With H.O.P.E.

Diana Bezdedeanu