Auto Be The Man

July 6, 2023

“We all have that childhood dream horse, right? Well Lincoln is exactly mine. He’s as kind and honest as he is good looking. He’s incredibly intelligent and intuitive. If he were a human, he would be Derek Shepard (an insanely talented neurosurgeon with undeniable good looks and a heart of gold).

So, how, you might ask, did I get to be the lucky one to be his human? I found an incredible reseller/restarter that I trust implicitly. Oh, and she’s also an incredibly good friend. I wasn’t looking but I had followed Lincoln since she brought him home. I love watching her bring along the super special ones, especially those she intends to keep for herself. So when she messaged me telling me I needed him, it took me all of 15 minutes to make the decision (because as a result, I’d have to sell one of my others) and purchased him.

I had been searching, to no avail, to find my perfect second heart horse. The perfect compliment to my main man who was struggling with his health. It took mere moments of laying eyes on Lincoln to know he was the one.

I’m forever grateful to Brit for her uncanny ability to match perfect horse and rider pairs and for trusting me with yet another incredibly perfect creature.

Lincoln and I plan to do Dressage at the Makeover with long term goals to make it big in the Para world!”