Dear Fay

August 31, 2023

“Dear Fay was sent to our nonprofit organization, Koch Thoroughbred Transformations, in November 2022. Her owner and breeder has owned Fay since she was a foal. Fay has had four foals in her lifetime.

When we received Fay back in November, she had not been ridden since her retirement from the track where she won the Princess Elaine Stakes twice. With the weather in Minnesota and being a newly founded nonprofit, riding during the Winter months posed challenges, so her training really didn’t start until the Spring of 2023.

Fay is a smart mare who loves to please, she always tries her hardest in everything she does. I honestly was a little worried with how long it had been since she was ridden, but Fay took to training very well. She enjoys having a job and a purpose and to watch her jump is even more fun. Her ears perk up and she’s always looking for the next fence. Perhaps our biggest challenge in training I would say is getting that “Mom body” back in shape. Building the correct muscles to support correctly has been our biggest struggle; however, Fay enjoys her workouts and definitely enjoys her daily massages more!

Dear Fay is for adoption, so be sure to follow all the Broodmare athletes as they enter their third careers! She is truly an amazing mare. Definitely the babysitter of our younger mares who come into our program and a big hit with our Girl Scout tours and nursing home visits. The Girl Scouts think it’s really cool that she’s a “Mommy” which opens up a nice doorway for educating our community about OTTBs and Broodmares.

Koch Thoroughbred Transformations is so excited to be a part of this new chapter for the Makeover!”

Photo credit: Morgan Chapman Media