Greenwood Drive

September 14, 2023

“Gigi is the half-sister to my first Makeover horse, Candy Space Center (2018). I tracked her down through Facebook, locating her trainer in Florida, Elizabeth Dobles, who sent me to JCE Racing Stable in New York. I was able to connect with Jeremiah Englehart and he was able to get me in contact with Robert Hahn, the breeder. I sent Mr. Hahn an email introducing myself and let him know that I was interested in providing a home for Greenwood Drive when she was done racing. Mr. Hahn informed me that she was headed to the breeding shed to follow in her mother’s footsteps, but to keep in touch. That was in December 2021.

I received an email in April 2022 from Mr. Hahn who wanted to know if I was still interested in providing a home and third career to Gigi. Gigi had a breeding palpation accident and had emergency surgery at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital to save her life. Mr. Hahn paid for her surgery, rehab and for a box stall to ship her from Kentucky to me when she was cleared to travel and full turnout. I’ve had her since May 2022 and worked with an osteopath, vet and a nutritionist to get her properly rehabbed as well as rehabbed her myself with my MagnaWave and other skills.

I’ve taken it slow with her, but have shown her on the line in Hunter Breeding, which she’s enjoyed! I’m hoping to show her in Dressage and Freestyle in October. Gigi loves cookies, carrots and apples and nickers every time for her breakfast and dinner!

Laura Haag of Endeavor Farm of Kentucky, the breeding farm that Gigi was at is planning to support us at the Makeover by coming and cheering us on. Laura is also the one that sent me information on the former Broodmare division before it was formally announced after flyers were dropped off to the farm!”