Hansen's Holiday

August 3, 2023

“Hanson’s Holiday aka ‘Doc’, a Louisiana bred eight-year-old, ran 30 races, and earned $45,440. He was owned by Pamela Mouton, wife of his trainer, Patrick Mouton.

Doc came to me at Double C Stables, in Centre, Alabama by way of Pine View Sport Horses, whose owner is a friend and fellow trainer with experience in three previous Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeovers. This is my first Makeover, and it has been both rewarding and comforting to work with Doc to prepare for the competition.

My father, who was a supporter of my love for horses and provided feedback on our training, passed away on February 2nd, just before we knew we had been accepted to the Makeover. My original intention was to train Doc for Western Dressage, but as we worked on the ground together, I realized that Doc could in some way help me to work through my loss. Dad was a pilot, and my best memories with him are either in his plane or in his barn.

Doc and I will honor him in our Freestyle competition with an aviation themed routine. Although Doc is smaller at 15 hh, his heart is huge. Doc and I clicked immediately, but after Dad passed and I began to grieve the loss of my father, this petite OTTB brought all the compassion and calm I needed to heal.

I am also the Founder and Director of the 501c3, Equine Paths: A Learning Center and use my credentials in Equine Facilitated Learning to provide horses a second career and humans a chance to learn the healing nature of horses.

Doc is certainly one of those special horses who gives his all, far beyond a performance in an arena. Thus far, his gift to me has been to connect me with my own footsteps and a little bit of Heaven. Thanks to Doc, Dad’s call number, ‘N8779C’ may take one more flight, and no matter our score, my soul will soar with my Daddy one more time”.