Little Bold Bandit

July 20, 2023

“Chucky and I are among a group of five trainers and OTTBs from Talbot Run Equestrian Center all going to the 2023 Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover to compete together. Our horses came to us from Jerry & Gina Robb with No Guts No Glory Farm.

Little Bold Bandit aka ‘Chucky’ is named after that scary doll from the 80’s movie. He got his nickname at the track for being feisty and aggressive. He is the full brother of Anna’s Bandit who was the “winningest racehorse in 2019,” but Chucky just wasn’t a great runner. Apparently, one day the starting gates opened for the horses to gallop off, and he just stood there and refused to move. That was when Jerry decided to retire him.

I really love this horse and he tries so hard for me. He wants to learn and do what I’m asking. Often we’ll work on a new skill and I’ll feel like ‘hmm we’re not getting it. I’ll hop off and tomorrow try a new approach’. But then the next day, he’ll do it perfectly. It’s like he thinks about it overnight and just figures it out.

My riding experience is really widely varied, but I have over 20 years in Hunters. I recently took some Polo lessons and was instantly hooked, so I’m going to try and train Chucky to compete in Polo at the Makeover, even though I have very little experience in the discipline. I’m also going to compete him in Competitive Trail, which I also have no experience in. Haha, so it’ll be interesting. The end goal is for Chucky to become a lesson horse at Talbot Run, and I think both of those disciplines make for a super broke, well-rounded, and safe horse.

His personality is actually really ideal for a lesson horse because when he is confused or frustrated, he stops and stands still. He has never bolted, bucked, or anything else. His go-to move is not moving. He’s already been ridden by some lesson students and has been perfect. His manners are much better, and we joke about changing his name from Chucky to Prince Charles”.