Megans Lad

May 18, 2023

“Lad came to me in September 2022, and to be honest, I didn't “need” him. I saw his post by Jade Favre SportHorses and inquired about him, but then was sure he'd get snagged up so I let it be as once again I didn't NEED him. Days went by and even a week or so, and I saw him reposted so I chatted with Jade some more and had a friend with a trailer coming this way so I made an offer.

They accepted the offer, and we found him a trailer ride to Georgia, as the other trailer had filled. I wasn't sure what he was going to be but first, he just needed to decompress and see where he was.

Two weeks after Lad’s arrival, I lost my show mare from a colic on a Saturday at a horse show. We got her to the University of Georgia for a 360 twist and had surgery done for her to shatter her hind leg in recovery. All of a sudden, plans changed.

Lad was going be a resell, but then the RRP was something I could look forward to. So, I kept his rides under the minimum and sent my application in.

Lad competed at his first show on February 4th and came home with a 2nd in the Amoeba 3-Phase. His Dressage still needs work, but thanks to the wonderful rainy winter weather that Georgia has been blessed with, the cross country track was a little wet and many had stops and refusals. Somehow the green bean 11 year old Thoroughbred came home with no refusals and it bumped him up to 2nd.

I'm excited to see where we go from here!”

Photo Credit: Custom Taylord Photography