March 24, 2022

“My biggest advice for any Retired Racehorse Project TB Makeover trainer is to find a great home team; farrier, vets, friends, and a trainer to help you and your horse reach all of your goals! Find a farrier that knows how important it is to keep your horse sound and works well with your vet. Find a team of vets that have your horse’s best interest in mind. Find friends or as I like to call it, a barn family, that is supportive in helping you reach your goals and willing to have fun while working towards said goals. Lastly, find an amazing trainer to work with, one that will take you and your horse to the next level and want to see you succeed.

I was lucky enough to have the late Jessica Halliday as my trainer. She inspires me every day to do what’s best for my horse and to help as many people and horses as I can! Jess was a huge part of my success at the Makeover; she took Hunter and I to Aiken, shows, XC schoolings, and other off-property outings. Please consider donating to her nonprofit, Buck Off Cancer to help other equestrians diagnosed with cancer.

Below are some of my favorite things that Jess said during our journey to the Makeover”.

“It’s simple, not easy”.

“Enjoy the journey”.

“Trust the process”.

“Be who you needed when you were younger”