Orena Starshine

June 2, 2022

“My mare Orena Starshine came off the track on September 12, 2021. She had nine starts and placed once in second place, with total career earnings of a mere $3,392. Orena Starshine may not have been the best race horse but she is showing lots of potential in the Hunter/Jumper ring.

Orena Starshine has been a very sweet, willing partner who is smart and likes to please. One thing that is very unique to her is that she has a noticeable indent between her nose and eye on her left side. We were told she might have run into a fence or possibly was kicked as a filly. The indent luckily did not obstruct her breathing and she went onto race. I was concerned at first that the indent might obstruct her performance as well as the cosmetic impact it might have in the show ring. While she may not appear perfect to others, she is proven to be a perfect partner in our journey.

I am the rider and trainer with the guidance and knowledge of my coach Jill Mills with Two Mills Farm out of Aiken, SC. Jill has been so knowledgeable and understands young horses and OTTBs, as she has owned several for years. I have taken lessons with Jill for many years and we make a good team. I started out with a Dressage trainer working on simple goals such as headset, relaxing, bending and cantering off the leg without running into a canter. Then Jill and I moved onto ground poles, grid work and gymnastics. We reached a hurdle recently with my mare growing and feeling out. The saddle we have been using is no longer fitting her and we are now on the search for a proper fitting saddle.

We are now entering into the fun part of our journey where we can start going to small low level shows to gain exposure and prepare Orena for the big event in October. While we will be competing in Show Jumping at the Retired Racehorse Project TB Makeover, she is developing into a Hunter Jumper which is a positive. Orena is very relaxed and takes her time to jump.

I’ve signed up for the New Vocations All Thoroughbreds Charity Show June 3-5, 2022 in Aiken, SC at Highfields. I will be showing in the Very Green Hunters”.