Owin I Am

April 27, 2023

“Owin fell right into my lap, right when I wasn't even looking (even though every horse person is subconsciously always looking and we all know that). He was intended to become a student's horse, advertised quietly outside of mainstream media, and I was asked to go look at him. When it became apparent that he wasn't destined for my student, I knew I had to have him. He was tall, dark and handsome like the fairy tales say, with a terrific personality, great jumping lines, and big bones. I had a thought of an upper-level prospect in the back of my mind, and my vet told me off-record that I'd be crazy not to buy him. Sold.

Owin enjoys making funny faces and smelling things. He was turned out with cows at his previous farm and met my potbelly pig on December 1st, 2022 for the first time with the attitude of, ‘Eh -- it's just another one of those funny looking ponies’.

I am hoping to make a return to the Makeover in 2023 after having competed in 2018 (Team Show Jumper and Individual Field Hunter and Show Hunter). I finished 7th and 11th in Field Hunter and Show Hunter, respectively, in 2019. I didn't plan on returning, at least not so soon, because, well, I'd need a new horse.

My advice to first timers is to have a plan, but be flexible! Listen to the horse. The Makeover is a big atmosphere, and your horse may think so too, but this is a beautiful opportunity to give yourself a little push and accomplish things you didn't know were possible. The Makeover is far from The End".