Social Misfit

May 26, 2022

“Social Misfit aka ‘Fitz’ is Louisiana bred. He had 102 starts and earned $674,112. He won the Louisiana Legends Classic Stakes and ran well in several other stakes races. He came to us through Jade Farve who helps rehome OTTBs in Louisiana and Texas.

His second to last trainer Brent Thomas actually bought him back from the last trainer to own him because they were going to ship him out to Colorado to keep running him. He bought him 2 days before he was going to ship out. He ran him one last time and he got beat by a nose on December 4, 2021 and then he retired him and asked Jade to place him.

Things have been pretty quiet lately on Fitz's page, Social Misfit - Go Pony to Show Pony. He is doing well, hanging out and shedding his 50 Shades of Bay. He is being treated for some pretty stubborn gastric ulcers, been scoped twice, and is closely followed by our fabulous vets.

Fitz continues to adjust well to his new climate, feed program, and friends. He is such a sweet guy. Liz and I had hoped to get him to the Retired Racehorse Project TB Makeover this October, however, we have decided to save him until 2023, as he is eligible for next year. We are in no hurry and want to give him the time he needs to feel his absolute best, and be ready to transition to a second career. He has been seen by our saddle fitter, gets his feet done every 6 weeks, and our vet will be out soon for spring shots.

Liz and I co-organize the Thoroughbred Breed Demo at Equine Affaire in which we are sponsored by the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. Fitz will make his debut in November this year at Equine Affaire (Massachusetts) in our Demo.

We will put a few rides on him in the Fall. There is a max number of rides prior to Dec 1, 2022 that we need to stay below in order to maintain eligibility for 2023.

For now, he is enjoying some down time and working on his paddock bod!”