Some Caan Job

July 7, 2022

“I purchased Annie in November 2016 specifically looking for a horse to take to the TB Makeover then progress to be my next FEI horse. Turn Around Tony (another OTTB) was showing at I2/GP and I wanted a young one to train when he was ready to step down. I found Annie online from a private seller. I looked at over 100 videos before seeing Annie. She had the hind end I was looking for as well as the general temperament. She was a 3 year old and had not been restarted at all.

I spent the first several months just doing groundwork – halter rope, lunging, and long lining. By the time I got on her in January 2017, she was very easy to walk, trot, and canter. After the Makeover, she got some time off then continued on her path up the levels in Dressage. She is currently showing I1 with her first time out getting a 70%! Annie is schooling piaffe, passage and 1 tempi's.

I am planning on breeding her and doing an embryo transfer. She has such a wonderful temperament and nice movement that I hope to produce my next Dressage partner. We would typically be showing by now but we found that she had an entrapped epiglottis on a routine scoping. She has been having surgeries to release the epiglottis and heal the surrounding tissue since early March. I am hoping we are near the end so she can get back to work. Right now she can walk under saddle so we are enjoying strolls around the farm. Looking forward to continuing her training and getting back into the show ring this summer! Her absolute favorite treat is the German Muffin.”