Total Futbol

March 16, 2023

“Rookie’s journey to the Makeover was not easy. Like many others, we were faced with many obstacles along the way. We dealt with the typical feet issues, body soreness, and behavioral issues as our beloved OTTBs adjust to life post track. With Rookie being a war horse (59 starts, $167.4 LTE) he was set in many of his ways. We took it one day at a time and only made it off the farm to compete once before the Makeover. He blew us away by how well he handled himself at the Makeover. He placed 3rd overall in the Horsemanship pattern, 7th in the Pros and 9th overall in Barrels.

My words of wisdom to future competitors are to enjoy the process and have fun with your horse. If you’re struggling, chances are many others are having the same issues and setbacks as you. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a good horse isn’t created in a few months. This is just the beginning of their career. Create a strong foundation for these horses to prosper in the future”.