Up The Power

August 25, 2022

“My best advice for Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover Trainers is to give your OTTB as much exposure as possible. This includes taking them to different types of discipline shows, trail riding, in-hand clinics, and obstacle courses. Don't always assume that your training techniques with previous horses will work for your new OTTB. Really get to know your OTTB and work with them as a team. Even if you're a Hunter rider, keep your options open and your OTTB will tell you what they will excel at. In 2019, I switched to Dressage which I had never ridden a course before! We ended up placing in the top quarter.

After competing in Kentucky, we tried a whole new sport - Endurance! In this sport, you RARELY see any OTTBs that can compete with the Arabians. Up The Power and I conditioned and rode over 500 trail miles in one year!! We have successfully completed Limited Distance Endurance Rides at 25 miles. During these rides, we were the ambassadors of OTTBs and proved they can do anything!

We have been featured in our local newspaper several times, and we have been brand ambassadors for Two Horse Tack and Horse hoodies.

**Note — Up The Power passed away on May 7, 2022 at age 10 due to a freak accident. He is missed dearly and I wish he was still here with me. He was an OTTB that could literally do it all - from fancy prance Dressage tests to Endurance trail rides to beginner lessons”.